Elit’Avia Inaugurates New Offices In Malta

The government is working hard to maintain Malta’s competitiveness in the aviation sector. This process includes the reduction of bureaucracy, Tourism Minister Edward Zammit Lewis said today. Dr Zammit Lewis was speaking at the awarding ceremony of an Air Operator’s Certificate to Elitavia Malta Ltd.

“At a European meeting on the Aviation Internal Market in June, we stressed that air operators should not be pressured with unjustified burdens. We also made our views known at the Thessaloniki Forum of Airport Charges Regulators. While we welcome new business models, we must also ensure that airports serve the business aviation community on a fair and equal basis.”

The Tourism Minister said the government is working on several important matters including the emission trading scheme and the Single European Sky. “When it comes to latter, it is very unfortunate that, despite our efforts, route charges are costing you ever more. We understand that Air Navigation Service providers need to keep investing in equipment, personnel and safety, but we hope that further efficiency savings can be achieved too.”


Malta has always charged an en-route service unit rate which was always less than the European average, hence contributed to reducing the costs of all the operators using our airspace. The Unit rate was also approved last December. Malta kept the second lowest over-flying unit rate in European Airspace, Dr Zammit Lewis announced.

“The same goes for the Business Aviation contribution to different countries. While aviation taxes continue to escalate in many countries, here in Malta we strive to keep them as low as possible.”

The government is striving to remain financially attractive for all operators. With this in mind it is in the process of revising the Aircraft Registration Act.

Dr Zammit Lewis noted that MCAST this year introduced a ground operations course, while private companies are also specialising in such training.

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